Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of energy, adrenaline, and speed when renting BRP Renegade 800 quadrocycle. Active pastime, thrill, and furious wildness of Renegade 800 are an ideal solution for modern dynamic people.

While renting this steady, powerful, and reliable vehicle, everyone will be able to feel a confident rider, who is not afraid of any obstacles on the way. If you want to arrange a company event, to celebrate a birthday or other happy occasion in an unusual way, to please your relatives with an open air celebration, then there is no better idea than to rent BRP Renegade 800.

It is important that such leisure does not depend on the season, because this quad model is perfectly adapted to traffic and climatic local conditions. The route depends entirely on your wishes and imagination. The designers have carefully thought out all the details so that Renegade 800 will perfectly suit for trips of different distances.


BRP Renegade 800 is a real rover, which has excellent riding performance, stability, and easy handling. These advantages are provided by the following characteristics:

  • it has the most powerful Rotax 800R engine in its class,
  • lightweight quad
  • general-purpose tires are responsible for the high-speed movement on the surface,
  • improved radius suspension eliminates road defects, thus ensuring a smooth motion.

Main specifications of BRP Renegade 800

  • number of seats – 1
  • drive – full
  • fuel tank capacity – 20.5 liters
  • total trunk capacity – 16 kg
  • weight – 279 kg
  • ground clearance – 279 mm
  • towing capacity – 590 kg
  • fuel tank capacity – 16.3 liters
  • multi-function display