You want to go to Peterhof but have no desire to travel by bus, train or minibus? Let us offer you an easy and quick way to get from the city center to Peterhof by Hydrofoil. It will only take half an hour!

Travel  by Hydrofoil will not only save you from car inconvenience but will give you an opportunity to admire the view of Gulf of Finland. It is the most comfortable way to reach park ensembles from city center avoiding traffic jams.  Passengers will be boarding on a general route trip.

Hydrofoils have comfortable saloons with comfy chairs. There are large panoramic windows in the front part of the ship. The bar, toilet, audio system for excursions are at your service. The total capacity of Hydrofoils is 70-123 people.

Timetable & Departure points

  • To Peterhof: daily from 10:00 to 18:00. The central marina of Saint-Petersburg: «Descent with lions» near the Palace Bridge (Admiralteiskaya Embankment, 2), Senate Pier, Palace Pier.
  • From Peterhof: daily from 11:00 to 19:00. Pier of the Lower Park , booking office №5 and №6, Pier №1 and №4.

Duration of the voyage is 45 minutes.

The schedule can be changed depending on the weather and navigation conditions.

Types of Tickets

We offer 2 types of tickets: standart and business class.

Business class saloons with panoramic windows are located in the front part of the ship. Ticket price includes: beverages and snacks (nut mix with raisin and candied fruits, cake, chocolate, still water, glass of wine, or juice for children).

Pay attention that the cost for Hydrofoil doesn’t include entrance ticket to Lower Park.