Rental of Lenovo C 340 all-in-one PC would be a sensible way to solve many tasks. This multipurpose device is perfect for office work, study, and entertainment. It has high performance, stylish design and a compact size, which are the main reasons why you would better opt for this model.

Features of Lenovo C 340 all-in-one PC

This all-in-one PC is a multipurpose device that combines characteristics of a powerful desktop computer and a sophisticated design of a LED display. Its performance is considerably higher than that of tablets and laptops, though its appearance does not considerably differ from that of traditional LCD monitors. Elegant and compact Lenovo C 340 will not occupy much space on your desk.

Its high mobility and utility let Lenovo C 340 be equipped with all the devices necessary for full operation. Many ports and connectors allow you to connect any peripheral devices. Fast data exchange is provided by an USB 3.0 interface. When it comes to copying large data sets, this feature is particularly important.

A powerful processor provides high performance even when it works in the multitask mode. Thus, its compact all-in-one PC is equal to a desktop computer.

Specifications and operational features of Lenovo C 340 all-in-one PC

  • Lenovo IdeaCentre C340 is the perfect combination of modern ergonomics, technological characteristics and functionality
  • stable and efficient work with resource-intensive applications is provided by Intel Core i3 3220 (3300 MHz) dual-core processor, DDR3 4 GB RAM
  • capability of NVIDIA GeForce 615M discrete graphics card will certainly be appreciated by gamers and users of the "heavy" graphics editors
  • film lovers will get a real pleasure from the 20’’ monitor with 1600x900 pixels resolution
  • preinstalled OS Microsoft Windows 8 provides ease of device use
  • CD/DVD-RW-drive, HDMI connector, 6 USB-ports, two of which are USB 3.0, Wi-Fi module provides broad opportunities for a user. This significantly expands the functionality of the device and allows you to effectively communicate with peripheral devices for high-speed data exchange
  • large hard drive capacity of 500 GB will maintain an extensive collection of favorite movies, photos, and so on.