Rental of a car with a driver is a popular service among active people, who appreciate their time and money. It is the most convenient way to get around the city and in the suburbs for both personal and business issues. You get a comfortable car with an experienced driver at your disposal without any need to plot a route or to be responsible for car technical condition.

Cars for any occasions

We offer a huge fleet of cars of various classes, so you will be able to rent an optimally suitable car depending on a specific character of the planned visit and your budget. You may need to rent a car with a driver for different purposes:

  • to visit a company event
  • to meet business partners or special guests at the airport, railway station
  • to get a car for a wedding cortege
  • to go shopping and so on.

We offer an opportunity to choose cars both of the high-priced and business class and low-cost and economy class.

Economy class

The rental of such cars is a great alternative to taxies and public transport. You get a very comfortable car at an optimal price, which in terms of its technical characteristics corresponds to a midsector car.

If you rent Ford Focus, Kia Cerato, Hyundai Solaris or Skoda Octavia along with an experienced driver, you will be able to quickly move around the city and deal with business or personal issues. It is convenient to go shopping, go for a walk or take trip outside the city, meet relatives and friends at the train station, airport, and so on.

Learn more about economy class cars: Hyundai Solaris, Kia Cerato

Hyundai Solaris



The spacious and stylish interior comfortably accommodates 5 people (including a driver). Everything is provided here for a pleasant and entertaining trip: a well-designed interior with high-quality leather trim, air-conditioning system, advanced audio system with CD/MP3/USB, comfortable seats.

The spacious interior can comfortably accommodate passengers even on the rear seats. Another important advantage of Hyundai Solaris is its spacious trunk. Thus, a car with a driver is often rented for organizing transfer services to the airport or train station. Compact cabin bags and small personal things can be placed directly inside the car in specially provided pockets and compartments.

Safety and driving

Hyundai Solaris is characterized by excellent handling, dynamics and maneuverability. Modern security and driver assistance systems, and solid body ensure a high level of safety while traveling. Passengers’ safety is provided by brake assist system, ABS, electronic brake force distribution (EBD), airbags, and belts with special retractors.

The main specifications of Hyundai Solaris

  • body type – saloon
  • maximum speed – 170 km/h
  • number of seats – 5
  • fuel consumption: city/highway/average – 8.5/5.2/6.4 liters per 100 km
  • front airbags
  • air conditioning system
  • modern audio system – CD/MP3/USB
Kia Cerato


Interior of Kia Cerato attracts attention because of its modern design and impressive trimming, which is made from genuine leather and other materials. If necessary, you can make trunk even more spacious transforming the rear seats.

The ergonomic could not but please as well as the large number of special compartments and pockets for storing small items and documents, adjustable sliding armrests, modern sound system and, certainly, the dual-zone climate control. The interior will let you enjoy your journey and an experienced driver will take care of it.

Driving and safety

In Kia Cerato modern systems of active and passive protection are presented by ABS, front and side airbags, seat belts. The dispersion structure body is able to absorb the impact in the event of an accident as much as possible, which guarantees full protection of passengers during the trip. In large cities Kia Cerato is characterized by excellent handling and maneuverability, providing comfortable travel to all passengers.

The main specifications of Kia Cerato

  • body type – saloon
  • number of seats – 5
  • number of doors – 4
  • Leather wrapped interior
  • dual-zone climate control
  • power accessories
  • tinting
  • newest audio system
  • trunk capacity – 421 liters

Business Class

Toyota Camry, Scoda Superb, Nissan Teana, Mercedes E212 are a real embodiment of modern technology, which ensures reliability, safety, and comfort. All this makes a rental of a business class car an indispensable condition of the organization of important events, a visit of a business meeting or company event.

Such car is perfect for both escorting important guests and the organization of weddings and other occasions. Event guests or business partners will appreciate the attention given to them.

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Toyota Camry


Inside Toyota Camry fully corresponds to its class. The decorative insets made of natural wood go well together with silver plastic and give the interior a solid and modern look. At the same time the overall style of interior still tends to the classics. Stability, ergonomics, and high performance are the main characteristics of the car interior.

Three-zone climate control ensures maximal comfort for all passengers, regardless of weather conditions outside. The newest audio system will take care about your pleasant stay. Its roomy trunk is worth considering as it can accommodate up to 506 liters.


WIL technology is implemented in Toyota Camry that helps to prevent neck injury in a case of collision. Front and side airbags provide a high level of protection of passengers. Active safety systems are presented by innovative solutions such as front and rear parking sensors, ABS and ESP, light and rain sensors.

The main characteristics of Toyota Camry

  • body type – saloon
  • maximum speed – 190 km/h
  • fuel consumption: city/highway/average – 13.2/7.0/9.3 liters per 100 km
  • number of seats – 5
  • number of doors – 4
  • trunk capacity – 506 liters
  • tinted soundproof windshield with UV-filter
  • Side and front airbags
  • three-zone climate control
  • modern audio system
Skoda Superb


Skoda Superb interior distinguishes by its extraordinary capacity. It can comfortably accommodate passengers of any height and body build. Its convenience and equipment will be appreciated by the clients who rent Skoda Superb with a driver. There is a separate zone climate control, a cigarette lighter, heated seats, cup holders with a special compartment for small items, individual lighting and so on. One of the rear doors has an umbrella in it.

Trim materials complete the good impression of Skoda Superb as a prestigious car. Its spacious trunk can accommodate a lot of suitcases and bags. If necessary, the space can be increased through transformation of rear seats.

Driving and safety

The Škoda Superb engineers have implemented numerous active safety systems (ESP, ASR, and other) in it as well as equipped it with air bags, special three-point seat belts and baby seats attachment points. These features make it possible to achieve maximum safety while traveling. The car is stable and easy in driving regardless of road conditions.

The main specifications of Skoda Superb

  • body type – saloon
  • number of seats – 5
  • heated seats
  • 3-zone climate control
  • modern audio system
  • trunk capacity – 595 liters, the maximum capacity (is achieved by folding the rear seats) – 1700 l
Nissan Teana


Помимо стильного экстерьера важным достоинством Nissan Teana является комфортабельный салон. Здесь предусмотрена настройка подвески, гарантирована полная звукоизоляция. Работа двигателя, уличные шумы, шорох шин – ничто не побеспокоит в салоне престижного автомобиля.

Кожаная отделка сидений подчеркивает высокий статус Nissan Teana. Все кресла отличаются эргономичностью, оборудованы регулировкой подголовников, подогревом и вентиляцией. К задним сидениям подведены специальные воздуховоды. Для дополнительного удобства пассажиров предусмотрена пепельница и индивидуальное освещение.

Новейшая система климат-контроля с интегрированным ионизатором формирует приятный микроклимат в двух зонах: водительской и пассажирской. Еще одним приятным дополнением является панорамная крыша.


Опытный водитель позаботится о том, чтобы в салоне Ниссан Тиана Вы ощущали себя комфортно и были в полной безопасности. В этом авто реализованы последние разработки в области безопасности: антиблокировочная система торможения ABS, Nissan Brake Assist, передние подушки безопасности, система распределения тормозных усилий EBD и прочие.

Маневренный, стремительный, комфортный и предельно безопасный Nissan Teana – идеальный вариант аренды машины бизнес-класса.

Основные технические характеристики

  • тип кузова – седан
  • максимальная скорость – 200 км/ч
  • количество пассажирских мест – 4
  • безопасность: ABS, Nissan Brake Assist, EBD, airbag
  • 2-зонный климат-контроль
  • современная аудиосистема
Mercedes E212
4.jpg 1.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg 5.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg


The interior is implemented in the best tradition of German quality. The car interior has an exquisite design with natural leather and wood, which is truly admirable. Every detail is thought out and provides passengers with maximum comfort and safety: three-zone climate control, newest multimedia system, ergonomic seats with adjustable side and lumbar support. The central armrest has a built-in cup holder.

Excellent soundproofing, pleasant lighting and tinted windows allow completely relaxing. In such a calm setting you can gather your thoughts before an important meeting. For those who want to take your kids there are special fasteners to attach a baby seat.

Traffic safety and comfort

A special attention is given to the issue of safety in Mercedes E212. The ESP, ABS, a wide range of airbags are provided here.  Its active seats minimize body-rolls at the turns and allow you to fully enjoy the smooth driving of this luxurious and powerful car.

The main technical specifications

  • body type – saloon
  • number of seats – 4
  • number of doors – 4
  • trunk capacity – 540 liters
  • three-zone climate control
  • loud speaker
  • high level of soundproof
  • modern multimedia system

Executive class

Audi А8, BMW 750, Mercedes S 221, Mercedes S 222, Mercedes GL, Cadillac Escalade, Rolls-Royce Phantom are most suitable for meeting special guests and organization of top-level events.

Brightly designed cars with an equipped interior are easy in driving, fast and safe, inspire confidence on the road, and allow you to completely dissociate yourself from external circumstances. An innovative climate control system, a modern multimedia system, and comfortable seats – everything is provided for your comfort.

Available cars are defined to have different comfort levels, each of them is provided with air-conditioning systems, multimedia systems, individual lighting, modern security systems, and spacious trunk.

Audi А8

Rental of Audi A8 with a driver is a great choice for those who value their own time and appreciate comfort. Audi A8 successfully combines the quality of high-speed sports car and the luxury typical for luxurious cars. Steering wheel accuracy and competence of a driver minimize even the most serious defects of the roadway.

Popular service

If you are to visit a high-level event that requires attention and participation, Audi A8 with a driver will be the best solution. Thus, you can simply get pleasure from a comfortable ride together with your business partners or important guests, while discussing business issues or talking on other topics.


Inside Audi A8 you can take your mind off city bustle, easily examine the documents, get prepared for speech or important business negotiations. This opportunity is ensured by excellent sound insulation, adjustable and heated ergonomic seats, and separate climate control.

If you rent a car for informal or festive events, you will not get bored because of a modern audio system with twelve speakers and a soft interior lighting, which creates a special atmosphere and provides comfort. The rental of Audi A8 with a driver is a guarantee of both maximal comfort and great safety during the trip.


Safety of passengers is provided by the advanced active safety systems, a wide range of airbags, and, of course, and a competent driver. When renting Audi A8 with a driver, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of driving a modern and respectable car and plan you schedule.

The main specifications of the Audi A8

  • body type – saloon
  • number of seats – 4
  • light leather interior
  • heated (front, rear) and power seats
  • airbags (driver, passenger, side)
  • 4-zone climate control
  • Hi-Fi audio system (19 speakers)
  • multi-level interior lighting
BMW 750

BMW 750 is considered one of the best cars in its class. It is stylish, dynamic, maneuverable, and comfortable, which are just a few arguments in favor of the rental of this car. Rental of BMW 750 with a driver will ensure comfort and safety during any trip preventing you from any concerns regarding the performance characteristics and ensuring the timely arrival to the destination.


This impressive car with a great exterior will please by its interior as well. Every detail is designed to ensure comfort for all passengers: adjustable multicontour seats, excellent ergonomics, luxurious trimming, and a pleasant lighting. Separate climate control provides optimal temperature regardless of weather conditions outside.

Audio system with sixteen speakers and excellent sound insulation ensure complete immersion in the perfect sound of your favorite tunes. While you are inside this confident and rapid car, it will offer full privacy and protection from external influences, which makes it possible to gather your thoughts before an important meeting or simply relax in a calm setting.


BMW 750 has phenomenal driving performance. Under the guidance of an experienced driver this car becomes flexible and obedient even when entering the sharp turns. Despite all sorts of defects of the roadway, the car guarantees smooth driving and minimizes any discomfort to passengers.

BMW 750 safety is provided by the Smart Attention Assist system which monitors a level of driver's fatigue, ABS, night vision, parking assistant as well as passive safety systems (airbags, seat belts with pretensioners). It ensures maximal protection of passengers during the trip.

The main specifications of BMW 750

  • body type – saloon
  • maximum speed – 250 km/h
  • number of doors – 4, seats – 5
  • acceleration up to 100 km/h – 4.6 s
  • modern audio system with sixteen speakers
  • separate climate control
Mercedes S221

Mercedes S221 is the embodiment of the traditional German quality. This Mercedes – reliable and stylish – attracts admiring glances by its laconic luxury and often becomes an object of attention at the official events, important meetings, business visits to St. Petersburg.

The rental of a car with a driver significantly improves the quality of a trip and simplifies it. It is especially important for those who does not know St. Petersburg very well or feel uncomfortable in the dense traffic of a big city.

The rental of white Mercedes S221 is perfect for a wedding cortege. Stylish and prestigious German car attracts attention, while the snow-white leather seats provide maximal comfort and festive spirit to the newlyweds.


Inside this comfortable car passengers will be able to appreciate not only the luxurious leather trim, adjustable ergonomic seats with heating but also modern technical equipment. Its four-zone climate control, built-in monitors, the newest sound system and nice lighting turn a trip into a pleasure.

Its superior noise insulation will let you and your guests fully enjoy the trip inside this powerful and beautiful car with a competent driver. In such a setting you can relax before an exciting event or an important business meeting.

Driving and safety

Mercedes S221 driven by an experienced driver will provide you with absolute safety. The all-wheel drive lets the car glides along the road regardless of defects of the roadway. 12 airbags and seatbelts are provided for the safety of passengers.

The high degree of safety on the way is ensured by superior disc brakes and modern active safety systems (ABS, ASR, ESP). The excellent handling and maneuverability of the car is guaranteed by the power steering, incredibly powerful engine, and improved suspension.

The main specifications of Mercedes S 221

  • body type – saloon
  • number of seats – 4
  • seat: heated, lumbar support, powered (front seats)
  • 4-zone climate control
  • monitors are built-in into the front seat head restraints
Mercedes S 222

When organizing an official or commemorative event, you may need a luxurious car. Thus, the rental service of black Mercedes S222 would be most welcome. When renting this powerful, rapid, and respectable car with a driver, you are guaranteed to spend the trip with comfort and in full confidence of your safety.

Rental of black Mercedes S 222 with a driver is perfect for transfer service, meeting guests at the airport and VIP-escort service for high-level events and weddings. Our experienced and polite driver will ensure timely arrival at the destination, a comfortable and safe driving on the roads of St. Petersburg.


The carefully designed interior successfully combines classic design and technological innovation. Trimming is made from the high-quality materials: expensive wood and leather. The rear seats can comfortably accommodate passengers of any height and body build. Details have gained a special attention in this car.

For example, the updated climate control is responsible for the heating armrests as well. Additional compartments for storage of personal belongings and documents, folding table, adjustable interior lighting, and a modern multimedia system will let you enjoy your rental of Mercedes C222 and all the benefits of modern solutions, while being driven to your destination.

Driving and safety

Mercedes S-class is one of the safest cars because of the high quality of assembly, components, and materials. Mercedes S222 is the embodiment of comfort and safety. Advanced seat belts and airbags, up-to-date active safety systems ensure maximal protection of passengers.

The main specifications of Mercedes S 222

  • body type – saloon
  • class cars – executive
  • number of seats – 4
  • leather interior
  • wood trimming
  • separate climate control
  • modern multimedia system
  • adjustable individual lighting
Mercedes GL
GL 1.jpgGL 2.jpgGL 3.jpgGL 4.jpg

Mercedes GL is a true embodiment of prestige. This car is specifically designed for successful and confident people. Mercedes GL with a driver rent is suitable both for a single trip and long-term travel.

This car will be a worthy vehicle during the organization of official events, transfer service of high-rank guests, customers or business partners. Also, this model is ideal the wedding cortege.

True German quality

Mercedes-Benz GL is a powerful and dynamic sport utility vehicle. It provides passengers with high-class comfort and absolute safety both when driving in heavy city traffic and off-road. Mercedes GL is a leader in terms of all technical characteristics among other models of off-road vehicles.

Calm and confident lines of the wedge-shaped body, the impressive elements, and expressive highlights give the car a special swiftness. Whether you drive around St. Petersburg or off-roading within the severe conditions of local roads, Mercedes GL as well as our experienced driver will provide you a safe journey, regardless of a route.


An important advantage of this model is its spacious interior. Luxurious trimming demonstrates the high class of the car and generates expectation of absolute comfort. Seven adjustable and heated individual ergonomic seats will only prove it. Three-zone climate control ensures optimal air temperature performance regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Excellent soundproof is achieved through the use of sound-absorbing material and double glazing. In such a setting you can safely get deep in your head and think about the upcoming talks or relax after a difficult trip. A nice addition is a modern multimedia system and the availability of the loud speaker.

Driving and safety

When it comes to comfort and safety of passengers, Mercedes GL leaves all competitors far behind. It provides three-point seat belts, standard, side and window airbags for three rows of seats. Crosswind assist function suppresses the wind impact on the path of motion, providing even more stability on the road.

The PRE-SAFE system is implemented here, which has become an unprecedented innovation in this segment. Solid body, powerful engine, and all-wheel drive with independent suspension together with an experienced driver turn Mercedes GL into a rapid and reliable car.

The main specifications of Mercedes GL

  • body type – SUV
  • car class – premium
  • acceleration up to 100 km/h – 7.6 s
  • number of seats – 7
  • number of doors – 5
  • PRE-SAFE preventive safety system
  • three-zone climate control
  • modern multimedia system
Cadillac Escalade
1 эскл.jpg2 скл.jpg3 скл.jpg

Прокат Cadillac Escalade — это престиж и свобода передвижения, полная безопасность и исключительный комфорт. Вы получите небывалое удовольствие во время управления этим автомобилем. Статусный и респектабельный, он станет достойным украшением свадебного кортежа, подойдет для встречи высокопоставленных гостей или деловых партнеров.

Арендуемый Cadillac Escalade подчеркнет особую значимость и высокий статус мероприятия независимо от его формата и масштабности. Позвольте себе роскошь, тем более что у нас она является вполне доступной.


Глядя на Cadillac Escalade, воображение рисует просторный комфортабельный салон с богатой отделкой и современными технологичными решениями. Подобные ожидания полностью оправдываются: 5 эргономичных пассажирских кресел с подогревом и электрической регулировкой, 3-зонный климат-контроль, роскошный интерьер и ультрасовременная мультимедийная система.

Полная шумоизоляция обеспечивается применением двойных стеклопакетов и звукопоглощающих материалов. При желании Вы сможете полностью отстраниться от всего происходящего извне – отдохнуть после утомительного перелета или собраться с мыслями перед важной встречей.

Управление и безопасность

Для разработчиков Cadillac Escalade вопрос безопасности был приоритетным. Это очевидно: большое количество подушек безопасности (помимо стандартных и боковых, предусмотрены оконные для каждого ряда кресел), на всех сиденьях — трехточечные ремни безопасности. Усиленный кузов и система антивибрации отвечают за дополнительную безопасность и комфорт пассажиров.

Основные технические параметры

  • тип кузова – внедорожник
  • класс авто – премиум
  • привод – полный
  • количество пассажирских мест – 5
  • количество дверей – 5
  • новейшие системы безопасности
  • 3-зонный климат-контроль
  • современная мультимедийная система
Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce is the standard of luxury and elegance in the world of modern cars. Rental of Rolls-Royce Phantom with a driver will allow you to fully enjoy the greatest comfort while traveling. You will undoubtedly produce a real sensation when driving this car at an important high-level event.

Popular service

Rolls-Royce Phantom is the embodiment of the English aristocracy and discreet style. This rental service is relevant for modern businessmen who precisely understand the value of their own time and comfort. Many consider this service is a privilege of the wealthy. Indeed, the rental of Rolls-Royce will be inappropriate and costly for ordinary situations.

If you want to jump inside the world of luxury for a short period of time, attract attention at the important event or take part in a wedding cortege, then the rental service Rolls-Royce Phantom with a driver will be highly relevant.


The spacious interior of Rolls-Royce captures your imagination by its luster and richness. The interior trim is made of natural wood and light leather. The cabin can comfortably accommodate 4 passengers. Smooth floor and separate rear seats provide enough space for comfortable seating of people of different body built.

The engineers pursued the similar goal when they equipped the interior with ergonomic seats and adjustable heating, a separate climate control, built-in armrest on the rear seats, and so on. The modern multimedia system and excellent sound insulation are among important advantages of this car.

Safety and driving

Rolls-Royce Phantom is notable for its excellent handling and stability on the road, which guarantees maximal safety for all passengers. Its improved air suspension minimizes the roadway defects and makes any trip pleasant. Brand-new active and passive safety systems are implemented in this car and provide full protection while driving.

The main specifications of Rolls-Royce Phantom

  • premium car class
  • body type – saloon
  • maximum speed – 240 km/h
  • number of seats – 4
  • separate rear seats
  • Deluxe leather and wood trimming
  • TV/DVD + audio

What is included in the rental price?

1. The rental price includes the vehicle, a qualified driver (speaking in a foreign language if necessary), and servicing.

2. All vehicles are insured and undergo regular technical inspection. The vehicle is brought clean.

3. Waiting in a point “A“ – no more than 30 minutes inside the city,– up to 1 hour at an airport for domestic flights, and up to 1,5 hours for international flights.

4. At your discretion a driver can meet a guest or a group with a name tablet.

5. In case of a car breakdown, a company immediately provides another the same class vehicle; the delay time is not included in the order charges and a client does not pay for it.