The commercial vehicle rental with a refrigerator will allow addressing a number of problems associated with the transportation of goods, which require a certain temperature inside the body. For some goods and products it is extremely important to observe the recommended storage temperature, because their quality depends directly on it. Here you can order such a vehicle with load capacity from 1.5 tonnes.

Scope of usage

The body of the vehicle is equipped with a refrigerator unit, which provides maintenance of not only subzero temperatures but heat as well. This feature makes the rental of a car with a refrigerator is very popular both when there is a need to transport goods that require maintaining of low temperatures and goods, which must be stored in temperature below 0°C.

Having rented GAZelle with a refrigerator, you can painlessly transport chilled and frozen food products. Even during the hot season perishable goods (fish, seafood, semi-finished products, dairy products, meat) will be delivered without any temperature disturbance and in the full safety.

Seedlings, flowers, vegetables and fruits should also be transported in the optimal temperature. While renting GAZelle with a refrigerator, you can be confident that your goods will not be spoilt during its transportation. Isothermal properties enable the body to maintain the necessary temperature conditions regardless of the trip duration.

Technical specifications of GAZelle 1.5 tonnes

  • size: length – 4 m, width – 2 m, height – 1.8 m
  • body volume: 14 m³
  • number of passengers: 2
  • load capacity: 1.5 t
  • temperature mode: up to -18 ° C to
  • capacity: rear

If you need to carry a load weighing 1.5 tonnes, you can rent a vehicle with a refrigerator and a total capacity of 3 tonnes, 5 tonnes, 10 tonnes, 20 tonnes.

Choice for GAZelle with a refrigerator

This vehicle is characterized by a small size and excellent maneuverability that makes its driving particularly comfortable in a big city. Efficient fuel consumption, easy handling, and good driving performance are several strong arguments in favor of rental of Gazelle with a refrigerator.