A rental of a vehicle with a tail lift would be relevant while transporting goods of considerable and non-standard sizes. In this case, to use special vehicle is a must. Even professional carriers are often not able to cope with such tasks by means turned out to be at hand.

Scope of usage

A rental of a car with a tail lift is required when transporting machinery, medical, industrial, and exhibition equipment, trade show windows, safes and ATMs, pianos and grand pianos, large musical instruments and slot machines. It is impossible to do without GAZelle with a tail lift when transporting goods packed on europallets and pallets.

Advantages of rental of a special vehicle with a tail lift

A rental of a car equipped with a tail lift is suitable for a number of reasons:

  • it significantly saves time and simplifies loading/unloading. It eliminates the need to engage workers or use a crane. As a result, it simplifies the organization of lifting operations and optimizes the time required for them. One vehicle performs several functions such as
  • to transport goods of different size and weight
  • to reduce the labor intensity of lifting operations and reduce costs required for their implementation
  • all-applicable transportation. These cars are demanded for moving to an apartment as well as for commercial and industrial transportation.
  • to choose a car with the required carrying capacity and avoid unjustified overpayments. You can rent a car with a load capacity of 3, 5, 10, and 20 tons. Their capacity ranges from 11 to 86 m³ depending on the modification and the length – within 4-13.6 m

A rental of special vehicles with a tail lift will allow implementing all of the above points quickly, efficiently and at reasonable cost.