Order a cargo transportation through us and receive a discount for the services “Gazelkin” of 5%!

In order to transport things without loss, you need to think through all the details: to organize correctly the packing, loading, transportation and unloading. Cargo taxi "Gazelkin" handles this issue quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Transportation of any cargo

Drivers and loaders "Gazelkin" are competent and polite and the huge fleet of cars is always working and needed car can arrive at the address in a few minutes. You can safely entrust the transport of any goods:

  • building materials, equipment, auto parts
  • food products
  • furniture and various household goods
  • industrial, medical and trade equipment
  • household appliances
  • personal belongings and so on

Extensive vehicle fleet

Depending on amount and nature of goods we will provide you the most suitable machine on load-carrying capacity (1,5 t, 3 t, 5 t, 10 t and 20 t) and the capacity (from 9 to 86 m3). It can be the truck equipped with the refrigerator, a hydroboard, the manipulator. At choice of a design with folding boards, a tent (van), thermo - or euro-vans.


The cargo taxi "Gazelkin" is not just operational and high-quality delivery within St. Petersburg and out of it. You can:

  • to order urgent giving of the car - within 15 minutes
  • to use services of professional loaders and scaffold workers
  • to arrange any moving: apartment, cottage, office
  • to order service of cargo packaging, garbage removal and so on

Loyal tariffs make the company "Gazelkin" one of the most popular transporter in St. Petersburg. Ordering cargo transportation through us, you will get a discount of 5% and the ability to resolve all issues through operators of our call center, not with loaders and drivers.