The rental of Fellowes Star 150 binding machine is relevant for offices, educational institutions, small printing companies, and so on. Wherever there is a high documentation flow as well as paper records are actively used, this device is of high relevance.

Easy binding

Fellowes Star 150 binding machine is used for plastic comb of papers. Extensive operational capabilities of the device and a variety of supplies in terms of thickness, color and size provide an opportunity to bind booklets, reports, papers, presentations and all kinds of collections in accordance with your wishes. It will require:

  • plastic covers. They can be colorless or tinted but translucent so to read a start page of the document;
  • a carton or polypropylene flip cover, which serves as an additional seal. If necessary, you can use a thick inside cover;
  • plastic spring clips. They fasten the cover and sheets in-between.

Features of Fellowes Star 150 binder

  • effective operation of this device is provided by separate stapling and punching mechanisms;
  • the format selector keeps the edges of paper lined up;
  • Fellowes Star 150 is able to simultaneously punch up to 10 pages. In doing so, 21 square holes are punched;
  • the maximum size of springs that are used in this device is 1.8 cm;
  • it can be used to make a cover for the book of up to 150 pages;
  • blades pressure is evenly distributed thanks to a full width handle punch. Its firm fit to the device provides convenient storage of paper in an upright position;
  • usage of Stitch Fellowes Star 150 is very simple. To quickly and efficiently arrange the documentation with it, you do not need special skills and experience;
  • Housing Fellowes Star 150 is made from high quality plastic, it is absolutely safe for human health;
  • low weight and compact size of the device facilitate its operation, storage, and transportation.