The rental of Bulros FGK 320 laminating machine is perfect for schools, offices, shops, restaurants as well as for home use, if you plan to perform a small amount of work. This device will effectively and permanently protect documents, badges, passes and pictures from aging, pollution, paper jams, UV radiation, and moisture exposure.

Some operational details

The principle of laminating machine operation is sealing of documents in a specially provided package. In this case, reliable protection of documents is achieved and physical paper aging is eliminated. Bulros FGK 320 is equipped with a temperature controller within 100-160°C and cold lamination function, which greatly expands the scope of the device application.

Easy in use

The use of this device does not require special training and does not cause difficulties even for those who use the laminating machine for the first time. Control systems are located on the front panel: on/off button, controller of operating temperature, heated rollers, reverse control, operating mode indicator. Its smart design provides easy access to the rollers, which greatly facilitates the preventive measures.

Advantages of Bulros FGK 320 Rental

  • It provides reliable protection for documents and photos from mechanical impact, dirt and moisture exposure
  • Its design features allows to maximally simplify and accelerate the process of laminating
  • Its availability indicator ensures maximal safe use of the laminator
  • Its reverse system allows you to quickly and easily extract jammed documents
  • Its compact size lets place it in the office or at home

Current service

Rental of Bulros FGK 320 laminating machine allows us to solve a lot of problems. This device is particularly popular when there is a need to laminate photos and passes.