Professional animator is able to fill any children's party with bright emotions and endless positive. The correct approach is very important in the organization of children's parties.

Spider-Man is a popular character known to everyone from the cradle. That he is able to brighten any holiday! Accompanied by his loyal girlfriend Mary Jane, the children will be reincarnated in these crime fighters. During the event, children will go through the gloomy tunnels, cross the mined field, learn how to independently create the necessary weapons and show their ingenuity.

Our services include programs: "Light Birthday - Classical Animation" and "Happy Birthday - Bright immersion into a holiday".

"Light Birthday - Classical Animation":

  • professional animators 
  • game attributes
  • incidental music (flash-card or disk)
  • various competitions and games
  • twisting (balloon modeling)
  • express face painting from any character
  • festive presentation of birthday cake and gifts from parents

The program "Happy Birthday - Bright immersion into a holiday":

  • professional animators
  • copyrighted attributes
  • musical equipment
  • various competitions and games
  • original script
  • twisting (balloon modeling)
  • face painting from lovely character
  • birthday cake and gifts from parents
  • BONUS: ordering the event lasting from 2 hours, disco with soap bubbles is free of charge.

The service is interesting to children from 5 to 10 years.