With the help of professional animators children's holiday might be turned into an unforgettable celebration. And with our service - even in a saving the world!

Superman is a popular character stepped from the pages of comiсs. With him your kids will go on an amazing adventure, overcome a dangerous path, and learn true friendship and mutual assistance. Also, at the party, you can call Superman friends: Spider-Man, Mary Jane, and Batman.

The program "Light Birthday - Classical Animation" is:

  • the best animators
  • game attributes
  • incidental music (flash-card or disk)
  • balloon modeling for each guest
  • competitions and games
  • festive presentation of birthday cake from parents and gift

The program "Happy Birthday - Bright immersion into a holiday", among the above, includes:

  • copyrighted script
  • more game attributes
  • musical equipment
  • ordering the event lasting from 2 hours, disco with soap bubbles is free of charge

The service is interesting to children from 5 to 10 years.