Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie are the most popular character known to every child. And thanks to our animators your child can meet with favorite characters in personally.

Cheerful Mickey and Minnie Mouse are ready to come to visit children and show them the real Disneyland. Children will have amazing adventure in the mouse hole: merry dance, playing "cat and mouse", active contests, and more. Girls with Minnie will be able to find out who has the most beautiful bow, learn to weave a beautiful balloon figures and will bake a delicious cake!

The service is interesting to children from 2 to 5 years.

Our service includes programs: "Light Birthday - Classical Animation" and "Happy Birthday - Bright immersion into a holiday".

"Light Birthday - Classical Animation" is:

  • professional animators
  • attributes for contests and games
  • face painting from the cartoon character
  • cheerful music
  • festive presentation of cake
  • the guests and parents gift ceremony

The program "Happy Birthday - Bright immersion into a holiday", among the above, and bonuses:

  • original script
  • provided musical equipment
  • copyrighted attributes for contests and games
  • costume elements for guests
  • bonus: ordering the event lasting from 2 hours, disco with soap bubbles is free of charge!