If your child like to be active and always on the move, a holiday with the School of Noble Hooligans is that what you need. Our animators skillfully send irrepressible energy of the child in the right direction. Guys will have pillow fight, hold a lot of interesting games and contests, and even learn new ways to use toothpaste. Your children, guaranteed, will have fun and remember this event!

The service includes programs: "Light Birthday - Classical Animation" and "Happy Birthday - Bright immersion into a holiday". You can choose any of them.

Program "Light Birthday - Classical Animation" is not just entertainment services, but also:

  • passionate incidental music
  • game attributes
  • themed contests and mind games
  • balloon figures for each child
  • festive presentation of cake and familygifts

Program "Happy Birthday - Bright immersion into a holiday" is not only all the above, but also

  • Rental of musical equipment
  • Exclusive game attributes
  • copyrighted fascinating script
  • costume elements for each child
  • bonus: ordering the event lasting from 2 hours, disco with soap bubbles is free of charge!

The service is interesting to children from 7 to 12 years.