Drop-side GAZelle is one of GAZ 3302 models, which body is not equipped with either a tent or frame. The drop-side model compared with tilt-covered GAZelle models has a number of indisputable advantages. Hence, the rental of a drop-side truck is currently relevant for enterprises, builders, and individuals.

Service demand

A rental of drop-side truck is required for the transportation of:

  • building accommodation units, site containers, and scaffolds
  • fittings and metal rolls
  • commercial and industrial equipment
  • reinforced concrete items
  • separate sections of a construction crane
  • foam concrete blocks of cell concrete, and other.

Why is it worth renting drop-side GAZelle?

The performance advantages of this vehicle are obvious and are as follows:

  • capacity capabilities. The load can be placed on a top platform of the vehicle by means of a hoist or crane. Three flaps allow for loading and unloading from all sides. The ease of loading is ensured thanks to a small truck bed height (about 1 m)
  • when transporting goods it is securely fastened and fixed by strops
  • lack of tent allows to transport high loads
  • drop-side GAZelle refers to the transport of B category, so it can move freely even in the streets, where the truck traffic is prohibited
  • fuel efficiency
  • excellent maneuverability
  • easy driving and servicing

Reasonable cost-efficiency

Rental of similar special vehicle is chosen by many companies, where the maintenance of their own fleet is impractical. Thus, businesses get a functional vehicle for temporary use at an optimal cost provided that you should not have to worry about the technical servicing and other details of servicing of trucks.