Characters from the popular cartoon about dogs will organize a full of joy and fun event for kids. The Barboskins love active games and entertainment competitions, songs and dances, amazing experiments and much more! The children will really get a lot of pleasure from acquaintance with their favorite characters.

Party with the Barboskins is interesting to children from 5 to 10 years.

We propose two programs:

  • "Light Birthday - Classical Animation" is the work of professional animators, themed contests and games (both active and mind games), the original game props, musical accompaniment.
  • "Happy Birthday - Bright immersion into a holiday" is not only all the above, but also the author's unique script, surround props, costume elements for everybody and rental of musical equipment from us!

Both programs include festive cake and gifts from guests and parents, twisting (modeling of balloon figures).

Bonus! Ordering "Happy Birthday - Bright immersion into a holiday" lasting from 2 hours, disco with soap bubbles is free of charge.