The Arka is a trendy place on Bolshaya Konushennaya Street, which combines a bar, a restaurant and a place for music events all under one roof. Once there were a real arch («arka» in Russian) and a courtyard of an old building on this very place. Nowadays it is only the vaulted ceiling which reminds us of that time.

Impeccable style

The pithiness and the simplicity embodied in the Scandinavian style and the famous loft style prevail in the interior of the restaurant. The emphasis of the ground floor interior is of course put on the 30-meter bar counter. This is not only a showy and functional detail but also a place where you can have a taste of a huge number of diverse cocktails and find out interesting facts about the world traditions.

The atmosphere of endless joy and foot tapping dances, which is typical for the ground floor, gives way to the more sedate mood of the first floor. Here events in public talk format often take place. Topical issues, interesting guests and uncommon viewpoints - all these allow to broaden horizons. The Arka is traditionally a place to meet different extraordinary guests.

Diverse menu

The complexity of the place anticipates the diverse menu. Here you can have a taste of the most delicious European dishes: both classical ones and those with signature hints of some Russian patterns introduced by the local chef. Those who have a sweet tooth will be amused by the sweet corner. This small pastry shop of The Arka offers delicious homemade desserts: from the unique candies with sea salt to the traditional and signature cakes and pastry.


Music lovers have spotted The Arka as a place to listen to good music. If desired, any guest can show his or her talent singing karaoke. The Arka Restaurant is a place you never get bored in. Here something interesting and exciting always happens. Here every guest feels equally comfortable: both intellectual leisure fans and real party people.

Working hours: 9 am - 6 am

Address: Bolshaya Konushennaya Street, 27

Subway station: Admiralteyskaya, Nevskiy Prospekt