32 C Aquador is a comfortable yacht, which is the flagship of the wide range and is made by the famous Finnish shipyard. It has everything needed for a comfortable journey and a pleasant stay in a close circle of relatives and friends.

European vacation

These yachts have become very popular among Europeans thanks to their higher comfort level. Aquador 32C differs in terms of its extraordinary strength, reliability, and excellent adaptability to different weather conditions. An issue of safety of the crew and passengers is of particular importance here. Modern safety systems will protect from unforeseen circumstances.

Yacht 32C engine is prudently isolated, so its noise will not disturb you during the boat trip. Easy handling of the vessel, its high maneuverability, and compact size make it possible to plot different routes both in a fine weather and a storm.

You can easily sail along the Neva River on this yacht; go to the Gulf of Finland and to conquer its endless open spaces. Trip duration depends entirely on your wishes, for the Aquador 32C yacht is equipped with comfortable cabins, kitchen, bathroom, and all you may need in a long trip. You can rent this yacht for a variety of purposes:

  • for family trips
  • for romantic date
  • for a private party
  • for sightseeing tours
  • for fishing


  1. Capacity: 2 cabins can comfortably accommodate 4 passengers. Seating capacity for a one-day trip is 6-8 people.
  2. Comfort and ergonomics: tall and well-organized interior, convenient sliding doors, a spacious upper bridge with a wide viewing angle.
  3. The interior is equipped with leather sofas; there is a table and sofa on the cockpit.
  4. The kitchen has modern appliances: microwave oven, electric stove, refrigerator as well as utensils and a kettle.
  5. Additional amenities include air conditioning, hot water, 2 showers.
  6. Multimedia: modern audio-visual equipment.