The L’Europe is an elegant restaurant, which has a role to play in the social life of St. Petersburg.

Historical perspective

The first information about this restaurant dates back to 1896. The Art Nouveau style interior is decorated with the stained-glass mural «Apollo on chariot», made according to sketches of L. Benois, and stained-glass ceiling, made according to the painting of the artist K. Brentsen. The comfortable halls, the luxurious balcony, an abundance of the light bulbs - all these give a special charm to the restaurant and emphasize the modern style, acquired with the course of time.

The haute cuisine of L’Europe

The elegance of the interior is echoed in the delicious dishes offered by local chefs. In The L’Europe, you will be served the exquisite delicacies of the international haute cuisine. The local menu harmoniously combines the unparalleled culinary masterpieces from different parts of Europe and Russia: signature hot and cold dishes, unique main dishes, soups, salads, various types of caviar and delicious desserts.

Cultural heritage

In this place with a rich historical heritage, the traditions, as before, have value. That is why ladies have a menu where price is not indicated. This is a very interesting peculiarity, which has been forgotten in the modern world of feminism. The classic Friday evenings, accompanied by the music of Tchaikovsky, are also reminiscent of the old times. At the weekend guests can enjoy jazz and the famous jazz Brunch.

At different times, theatre and cinematograph celebrities as well as noblemen and politicians visited The L’Europe Restaurant. This place has certainly made a significant contribution to the formation of the modern cultural image of St. Petersburg. In 2013 The L’Europe Restaurant was recognized as the best hotel restaurant by «Time Out St. Petersburg».

Working hours: Breakfast (daily) 7 am - 10.30 am, Dinner (Mon-Sat) 7 pm - 11 pm, Tchaikovsky Evening (Fri) 7 pm - 23 pm, Sunday Jazz Brunch 1 pm - 4.30 pm

Address: Mikhailovskaya Street, 1/7 (Belmond Grand Hotel Europe)

Subway station: Nevskiy Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor