The Caviar Bar & Restaurant is the only place in St. Petersburg which distinguishes itself as a real caviar restaurant. Here you are offered a wide selection of caviar and vodka as well as the delicacies of the Russian and the Italian cuisines.

Caviar galore

The local menu is impressive in its diversity. The guests of the restaurant will need to make a difficult choice: the restaurant has to offer 12 types of alone the caviar. Its rarest type - golden sterlet caviar - is of particular interest here. The menu also contains:

  • Lightly salted non-pasteurized osetra caviar (Astrakhan osetra caviar, Siberia osetra caviar, sevruga caviar, sterlet caviar, beluga caviar)

  • Non-pasteurized salmon caviar (keta caviar, gorbusha (pink salmon) caviar)

  • Different types of pasteurized caviar

Moreover, in The Caviar Bar & Restaurant you can have a taste of the undeservedly forgotten delicacy - pike caviar. In the old days, when Russia was ruled by the tsars, this treat had the highest value - it was even given preference over the osetra caviar. It was pike caviar that was the crown of gastronomic delights and that was served in noble families.

Caviar with vodka

There cannot be a better accompaniment to the perfect caviar than the Russian vodka, which the restaurant also boasts. The professional vodka sommelier will be your guide through The Caviar Bar & Restaurant’s impressive selection. Such gastronomic accents fully echo the concept of the restaurant, which aims to introduce the Russian culinary traditions to the visitors.

Splendid interior

The inner decor of The Caviar Bar & Restaurant literally emits wealth and luxuriousness. Dazzling white tablecloths, cozy sofas, vintage utensil and even the functioning fountain, which is located in the hall - all these emphasize the fashionable interior of this unparalleled restaurant. Being surrounded by such a splendor, you will definitely feel like the nobleman at a soiree of a late XIX - early XX century.

Working hours: Wed-Sat 12 pm - 11 pm, Sun 5 pm - 11 pm. Business lunch Wed-Fri 12 pm - 3 pm

Address: Mikhailovskaya Street, 1/7 (Belmond Grand Hotel Europe)

Subway station: Nevskiy Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor