The service of implanting a microchip is relevant if you want to go overseas with your pet. The chip has all the necessary information about a pet (vaccination etc.) and its host. In addition, microchipping greatly facilitates the search for a pet in the event of its loss.

Since 2002 the entry to the EU countries with the animals is prohibited without a microchip.

How goes the implanting of a microchip?

The information about an animal is entered into a special electronic database, and a mark is put into the Pet Passport. This Passport cannot be lost, and the procedure is done only once throughout the life of an animal.

It should be noted that the implanting procedure is completely safe for your pet. It is painless and similar to the regular subcutaneous injection. The animal does not feel a microchip that is under its skin, it cannot be damaged or lost.

What does the service cost include?

  • doctor’s home visit
  • implanting of microchip procedure
  • entering information about a pet in the Animal-ID State Register

When ordering a chip implanting as an additional service (e.g. castration) or order chipping of several animals discounts are available.