Ultrasound is widely used for visual assessment of the state of internal organs. A practitioner can make a diagnosis and prescribe further treatment on the basis of the outcomes of the ultrasound. In order not to hurt an animal during its transportation, our vets come to your place and perform the treatment in a familiar environment to a pet.

Timely and correctly produced ultrasound is the key to the effective treatment in the case of the vast majority of ailments.

The advantage of our service is that it takes place at home. It means your pet will be in a familiar setting; hence, it will be less exposed to stress. The level of irritability and fear will considerably decrease. An animal’s behavior will be easier to predict. You save time and money on pet’s transportation.

The treatment is conducted by a university graduate with an extensive medical experience.

The cost of the service includes a doctor’s house visit, ultrasound, and a diagnosis.