Mites can be a significant problem for the health of your pet, as many mites are carriers of deadly diseases such as anaplasmosis, Lyme disease, babesial disease or ehrlichiosis. It is necessary to remember that many diseases carried by mites are dangerous to humans as well. Our vet will come to your place and eliminate the problem.

In the event of an animal mite (especially if there is an inflamed swelling around the bite) you should immediately contact a professional veterinarian. Also, you should hurry if the parasite has already managed to reach an impressive size: it means that the mite has been in the body of an animal for a long time already.

Do not engage in self-treatment. Lack of skills in mite removal may lead to the damage of the parasite integrity, and part of it remains in the body of an animal. It greatly increases the risk of infection.

An experienced specialist will remove the mite on site and debride the wound. It is necessary to monitor the status of your pet's health at first. In the case of deterioration you should immediately contact your veterinarian.