The purpose of a shredder (paper exterminator) is electromechanical utilization of paper documents. Such devices are widely popular among companies who are concerned about safety of the classified files concerning their activities. If you need a reliable, practical, and efficient shredder, then rental of Gladwork GS-24 CD will be most welcome.

Operation features of Gladwork GS-24 CD

Gladwork GS-24 CD exterminator of papers is designed for departments with a small document flow, small offices, and business companies. It is able to provide high privacy and confidentiality of information; in addition, it significantly reduces the volume of waste paper.

This device is designed to work with paper documents. If a metal clip gets inside it with a stack of papers, the shredder will not get damaged. However, it is better to exclude the entering of metal device and other things inside.

Characteristics of Gladwork GS-24 CD exterminator of papers

  • Electronic control
  • Cutting method: cross
  • Size of the elements: 4x44 mm
  • Level of secrecy: 3
  • Number of destroyed pages: 24
  • Bin capacity: 38 l
  • Automatic sheet feeding is not provided
  • Special slot for CD/DVD destruction, credit cards
  • START/STOP is automatic

Operational advantages of Gladwork GS-24 CD

  • multistage protection in the event of incorrect operation. Motor protecting from overheating. Reverse allows you to safely remove jammed paper. Shredder work is automatically blocked if the cutting unit is incorrectly installed on its bin;
  • bin filling level is easy to control through a special window;
  • to empty the bin you do not need plastic bags, because it can be easily removed;
  • SMART SENSOR SysteM is responsible for the automatic self-cleaning knife;
  • Gladwork GS-24 CD knives are made of solid steel, and the body is from impact-resistant plastic;
  • This shredder model has a high level of mobility thanks to special rollers;
  • design reliability;
  • stylish, modern design;
  • compact size.