The Yusupov Palace

The Yusupov Palace is absolutely unique in terms of the fact that a real fully-fledged Home Theatre still operates there. Today, the mansion welcomes guests from different parts of Russia and other countries - guests who are not indifferent to the history, the art, the theatre and the music.


Once this stage saw the performances by F. Chopin, P. Viardot, F. Liszt, F. Chaliapin and L. Sobinov. Blok, Esenin and Mayakovsky themselves recited poetry here. Today the theatre’s repertoire consists of classical performances: the musical play «The Gypsy Baron», «The Magical World of the Palace for Children» and promenade performances «The Princess of Czardas» and «The Merry Widow».

Passing through the oak dining room, the antique and Nicholas halls, you will enter the theatre. This kind of performance is called «promenade performance». In this case, the 1st and 3rd acts of the performances are held in the theatre itself, and the intermediate act is performed in the largest hall of the Palace - the White Column Banquet Hall.

What you should know when visiting The Yusupov Palace?

How to choose a ticket? The best seats are located in the first rows in the center.

What to do during the intermission? The long intermissions are foreseen between the acts of performances - about 40-45 minutes. Tip: be sure to use this time to walk around the Palace halls and discover the collection of paintings.

Are there any activities for children? Tours for children and preteens are very informative and contain interactive game elements. An educational tour through the Palace is crowned by the theatre performance.

Where to eat? The concession stand may disappoint demanding lovers of a good food, so it is advisable to eat in advance.

For your information. The Theatre has WiFi connection (open access).

How to get there?

You can use public transport to get to the Yusupov Palace:

  • From Admiralteyskaya and Nevskiy Prospekt subway stations you can take a bus № 3, 22, 27 or a trolleybus № 5, 22 (Ploschad’ Truda stop)

  • From Sadovaya, Spasskaya and Sennaya Ploschad’ subway stations you can take № K124, K186 and K350 routed taxicabs (you should alight at the corner of Glinki and Moika Embankment)

If you decide to go to The Yusupov Palace by car, note that during weekdays it is very difficult to find a free parking space.

The interior of The Yusupov Theatre

The Home Theatre accommodates up to 180 guests. The small size is not a problem for the Home Theatre to have all the necessary components of a fully-fledged theatre space. In the hall all the necessary acoustic requirements are met, and all the intricacies of theatre design are taken into account.

There are the Imperial box and the stalls, the stages and the orchestra pit in the Theatre. The chairs date back to the XIX century, and the decorations and the act curtain are still dropped manually. The act curtain canvas depicts The Yusupov Palace in Arkhangelskoye (Moscow Region).

Epilogue: a delicious treat

A lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant will definitely be a decent conclusion to your visit to The Yusupov Palace. There are wonderful places nearby that will offer you haute cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere: The Italy on Bolshaya Morskaya, The Russian Empire, The Vodkaroom № 1. Making a reservation in any of these restaurants via our call-center, you can get a 5% discount from the total of the bill transferred to your mobile phone account.