3 hours

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Nevsky Ave., 35 (Gostiny Dvor), parking of buses opposite to the Perinny Ranks art center

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Nevsky Ave., 35 (Gostiny Dvor), parking of buses opposite to the Perinny Ranks art center

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  • Route: Sennaya Square, Lions (Lviny) Bridge, Voznesensky Prospect, Pirogov Lane, Engineers' (Mikhailovsky) Castle

«Dostoyevsky in St. Petersburg» is an excursion which will let you see the other side of St. Petersburg - the side from which the famous writer saw the city. During the excursion, you will get to know the city that became a full-fledged character of the works of the writer.

Ingenuity verging on extravagance

Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky had a bright and complex personality. He treated St. Petersburg in a very strange and somehow hostile way. With this in mind, he spent 28 years here. He changed many rented flats during this period of time.

The flat should have been situated only on the corner of streets and usually it was just a modest room in a revenue house. He had more than 20 suchlike flats in total and spent no more than 3 years in each of them. But there was an exception to this rule.

Dostoyevsky and his characters

You will get to know about this and other interesting facts of St. Petersburg period in the life of Dostoyevsky during the excursion, which will guide you through the landmarks commemorating the famous writer and his characters. The characters moved with the author and rented similarly modest flats. It is not difficult to imagine Dostoyevsky’s literature characters today, because the historical landscape of St. Petersburg didn’t change a lot in these places.

Discovering the places of interest

The guide will tell you about the milestones in the biography of the prose writer, let you discover the places where he lived, studied and worked, and where his famous literature characters lived. On your way, you will see the Inzhenerny (Mikhaylovsky) Castle, houses on Vladimirsky Prospect and Kuznechny Lane, Semenovsky square where the life of Dostoyevsky and other members of The Petrashevsky Circle was nearly cut.

You will have an unforgettable experience visiting places which saw the developments of his notable works: «White Nights», «The Idiot», «The Raw Youth», «Crime and Punishment». When you see the places where Rodion Raskolnikov, Sofya Marmeladova and the old pawnbroker woman lived, you immediately feel as if that the novel turned into reality.

This excursion guarantees that you will have a kaleidoscope of emotions and learn plenty of interesting stories about the life and work of the Russian novelist in the period when he was indissolubly tied to St. Petersburg - the city of contrasts. You will enjoy such an unusual walk through St. Petersburg very much.