5 hours

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Nevsky Ave., 35 (Gostiny Dvor), parking of buses opposite to the Perinny Ranks art center

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Nevsky Ave., 35 (Gostiny Dvor), parking of buses opposite to the Perinny Ranks art center

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  • Route: Sosnovka (Sosnovsky Park), St. Sampson's Cathedral, Nobel Family plant, Suzdalskiye Lakes, Shuvalovsky Park

This tour offers to learn about the wonderful sights of Vyborgskaya Side of XVIII - beginning of XX centuries. A fascinating walk coupled with the informative narration of a guide will reveal many secrets of the Northern parts of St. Petersburg.

Where the volleys were heard and life was cut

The programme includes a visit to the hospital of the times of Peter the Great. During the tour, you will visit the places of famous duels between Ernest de Barante and Mikhail Lermontov and other places. You will get to know what was the occasion for throwing down the glove and all the related details.

Then you will visit St. Sampson's Cathedral, which was erected to commemorate the victory over the Swedes at Poltava. There is also a Museum, which has preserved the memories of the heroism of Russian soldiers thanks to the professionalism of the icon painters, cutters and architects. The walls of the local bell tower are covered with planks with the speeches and decrees of Peter the Great in relation to the famous battle. The carved and gilded iconostasis and the collection of icons of XVIII century are considered to be the greatest value of the Cathedral.

Tracing the industrial progress

A visit to the Nobel Family plant usually provokes much interest of the audience. The father founded here a workshop for the production of naval mines. It later evolved into a large firm and one of the sons, famous Ludwig Nobel, founded a factory here - today it has the name «Russian Diesel». The guide will tell you the story of the glorious dynasty of engineers and you will discover after whom the world-famous prize is named.

Getting to know the natural masterpieces

The excursion will be completed by a walk through the Shuvalovsky Park, which is under UNESCO protection today. Once great artists used to love walking and getting an inspiration here - A. Pushkin, A. Blok, I. Shishkin, F. Vasiliev. You will have the great opportunity to walk the same paths.

Suzdalskiye Lakes will definitely appeal to your feelings. It is true that nature is the most talented artist. You will be affirmed in this, yielding to the beauty of the local landscapes.