3 hours

Place of the beginning of an excursion

Nevsky Ave., 35 (Gostiny Dvor), parking of buses opposite to the Perinny Ranks art center

Place of the end of an excursion

Nevsky Ave., 35 (Gostiny Dvor), parking of buses opposite to the Perinny Ranks art center

Time of the beginning of an excursion, frequency

Individual schedule

What’s included in the price

Transport service, guide service



  • Route: Gostiny Dvor, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Mikhailovsky Castle, Tauride Garden, Kikin Hall, Smolny Convent, Kresty Prison, Trinity Bridge, The Peter and Paul Fortress, The Universitetskaya (University) Embankment

St. Petersburg is full of mysteries and secrets. The bravest and the most curious tourists will have a chance to assure themselves of this during this excursion. Such a trip will raise the curtain of mystery, making it possible to discover the Northern Capital in a completely different way.

Which lions to kiss to get married?

You will hear a plenty of legends and historical facts and get to know the mythology of St. Petersburg. This city is densely shrouded in various mysteries and conjectures, which were given rise by rumours from the ancient times. What is true and what is fiction becomes clear during the tour round the mystical St. Petersburg.

You will learn when St. Petersburg sphinxes are changing their facial expression and which lions to kiss to get married soon. You will be guided round the most mysterious places of St. Petersburg, discover the secrets of its cathedrals, palaces and squares. The Mikhailovsky Castle is considered to be one of the mysteries, where even today many visitors notice unusual shadows and become witness to strange events.

Ghost stories

The guide will tell you about the place of residence of the Queen of Spades, and you will get to know where you can meet the famous city ghosts: Peter the Great, Princess Tarakanova, Grigori Rasputin and other personalities who have left an imprint on the history of St. Petersburg. You will discover many unexpected facts about the unknown pages of the biographies of the Russian rulers and noblemen.

Echoes of the past

Do you want to hear the prophecies of Saint Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg and Peter I, learn about the Lieutenant Schmidt and his children? Who was rescued by a lion during the flood? Where in St. Petersburg the famous Baron Munchausen lives? We will visit the mysterious castle of the «Russian hamlet», the «12 bridges», where your most cherished wishes may come true, and see the man-made island of New Holland and more.

St. Petersburg has many facets and secrets. Its very appearance is shrouded in mysterious legends and myths, telling about the miraculous transformation of swamps and bogs into the majestic city. Just listen to its whisper, look carefully at the outlines and then the mysterious Northern Capital will be discovered from the other side.