5.5 hours

Place of the beginning of an excursion

Nevsky Ave., 35 (Gostiny Dvor), parking of buses opposite to the Perinny Ranks art center

Place of the end of an excursion

Nevsky Ave., 35 (Gostiny Dvor), parking of buses opposite to the Perinny Ranks art center

Time of the beginning of an excursion, frequency

Daily at 11.30

What’s included in the price

Transport service, guide service



  • Route: Gostiny Dvor, Peterhof Road, The Upper Park, The Lower Park, The Small Museum (depends on the group), Gostiny Dvor

The tour to Peterhof is very popular with lovers of Russian history and culture. The walk around the gorgeous Peterhof will lead you through the unparalleled Lower Park and you will discover one of its Small Palaces: the mysterious Marly, the reflective Hermitage, the impressive Monplaisir, the peculiar Catherine and Bathing pavilions.

Paragon of the European landscaping

The Lower Park of Peterhof is just splendid. It is literally strewed with fountains and cascades. The panorama of the Park gradually descends to the Gulf of Finland as if it was searching for a continuation in its imperturbable mirroring waters. The world’s biggest fountain complex is to be found here. Today, the Lower Park represents the gauge of the European landscaping.

Unparalleled fountains

The Grand Cascade occupying 3 000 sq. m. space, is the central composition of the Park Ensemble. It does not have any analogues of the world with its 64 fountains, 140 jets and 38 sculptures. The ideological core of the Cascade is The Samson Fountain which symbolizes the victory of Russian troops in Poltava.

You can also discover other fountains of no less splendor: «Basins», «Voronikhin’s Colonnades», «Pyramid», «Sun» and plenty of funny fountains. The composition of the Lower Park consists of three ensembles: central, Marly (western) and Monplaisir (eastern). Each of them has its own peculiarities, original architectural masterpieces and artistic self-dependence.

Small palaces

The Monplaisir is the main palace of the eastern part of the Park. This building was constructed specially for the Emperor Peter I. The exterior of the Palace embodies the features of the Monarch: restraint, severity and simplicity. The famous Bathing pavilion is also located on the territory of Monplaisir ensemble.

Today it houses the museum with a Russian bath («banya»), douche and rooms for cold baths. Walking around the complex, you will have an opportunity to appraise the inner decor of the rooms and get to know many interesting details about the everyday life of the noblemen and tsars.

The Hermitage is situated in the west of the Lower Park. Once, affairs of state importance were discussed here, and the local hall served as the literature salon. One of the alleys leads from the Hermitage to the elegant and majestic Marly Palace.