The Ditay is a cozy family restaurant where cooks from China offer delicacies of the Japanese and the Chinese cuisines.

Harmony and pacification

In Chinese mythology, Ditay is the god of harmony and happiness. Once you are here, you realize that it would have been almost impossible to find a more appropriate name for this restaurant. The interior of the place enchants and conquers you at first glance. The interior of natural materials: wood, bamboo, stone, together with silk wallpapers, aquariums with fish, lights and unique chandeliers and harmonious music infuse tranquility and guarantee a sense of peace.

Impeccable style

Everything here is made according to the Chinese style classics - there are no random details but only a total harmony of the designers’ ideas. The central place on the ground floor, where small tables with dividing fences are located, is left for an arbor with a round table. An imitation of small river bridges is one more unexpected but eye-catching element. The first floor is left for banquet halls.

Culinary excellence with a national spirit

The local cuisine and the chef Mao Chen is of no less wonder. The chef will treat you to the unparalleled exotic dishes, the taste of which you will remember forever. For the connoisseurs of the more traditional culinary trends the classical dishes originating from China and Japan are offered. The special attention here is put on the vegetarian treats and special children’s menu.

The hookah fans will also appreciate the advantages of the Ditay Restaurant. Here, the hookah is prepared using different kinds of tobacco in water, wine, cognac, juice and milk. The cozy atmosphere and the polite service allows every guest to feel comfortable and at ease here. Even the youngest guests enjoy this restaurant because they know that they will be treated and entertained.

Working hours: 12.30 pm - 12 am

Address: Lesnoy Prospect, 4

Subway station: Ploschad’ Lenina