Ginza Project never fails to amuse the connoisseurs of good food and pleasant pastime. One of the unique Ginza projects is a combination of a wine bar and a restaurant. It is democratic in all respects place The Skoro Vesna and more mature brainchild of the holding - The Pryanosti & Radosti located in the same building on the Belinskogo Street.

So, The Skoro Vesna

The Skoro Vesna Bar treats its guests to the many sorts of wine of different price categories. Here you will have a selection of about 60 bottled wines and 10 wines by the glass. Depending on the budget, you are free to choose both simple but decent wines of the New and Old World with a value of up to one thousand rubles, or French wines, which will be more expensive.

At the bar, it is possible to taste small portions of hot dishes, light snacks and toasted bread. If you want to have a hearty meal, you are welcome to the first floor, where The Pryanosti & Radosti Restaurant is located.

The Pryanosti & Radosti Restaurant

Once here, you will realize that you have come not only to another floor, but literally on another level. The Ginza Project’s style is immediately eye-catching: the well-designed interior, the extensive menu encompassing the best offers of Oriental and European cuisines. The prices are also considerably higher than in The Skoro Vesna, and it is justified. In The Pryanosti & Radosti Restaurant you will be able to have a hearty meal and spend a pleasant time in the tranquil atmosphere of a perfect family restaurant.

You are welcome to come here for a business lunch too. Feel free to choose from one of the three halls which seems the most appropriate for you: the romantic hall with a real swing or the more modest one with an antique sideboard and a large library.

Working hours: 12 pm - 1 am

Address: Belinskogo Street, 5

Subway station: Gostiny Dvor