The 1001 Nights Restaurant is an amazing place located near the busy city center of St. Petersburg. It combines the mysterious charm of the Arabian nights, the Oriental hospitality and the unsurpassed cuisine.

The mysterious East atmosphere

An unbelievable atmosphere reigns here - the gentle music and twilight prevail in the halls, interrupted only by the light coming through the intricate stained-glass windows. The murmur of a fountain anticipates peace, tranquility and enchanting sounds of the duduk, which become the accompaniment for performances of the traditional Oriental dance during the weekend.

The vaulted ceilings and walls are decorated with sophisticated painting and on the floor you can see an intricate mosaic. The antique jugs and vases, beautiful hookahs are everywhere. When you enter a spacious hall, you will see the bar counter - a stylized minaret. If you prefer to relax in the intimate atmosphere, you will have The Khan’s hall at your disposal. This is a small VIP-hall (accommodating 20 persons), where you can feel like a real Eastern khan.

Oriental treats and more

The menu offers a selection of dishes from European and Oriental cuisines. It is easy to guess that the emphasis is made on the dishes originating from the East. Here you will be offered a fine selection of appetizers and salads, first courses (chanakhi, kharcho, dyushbara) accompanied by khachapuri or freshly baked homemade bread. Among the hot dishes, shashlik, pilaf, saj, Dagestan dumplings and other dishes with an Oriental hint are worth tasting.

Every meal is traditionally crowned with a tea-drinking ceremony. A variety of teas with mountain herbs accompanied by Oriental sweets and homemade jams - it is a real Sweet Dastarkhan. For connoisseurs a wide selection of flavored hookahs is offered. The local wine list offers an extensive selection of traditional drinks and homemade wines.

The 1001 Nights Restaurant is no less fascinating than the stories of Scheherazade.

Working hours: Mon-Thu 12 pm - 11 pm, Fri-Sat 12 pm - 12 am, Sun 12 pm - 11 pm

Address: Millionnaya Street, 21

Subway station: Nevskiy Prospekt, Admiralteyskaya