We offer a wonderful night boat trip on the Neva River, which is held on the comfortable double-deck boat under drawbridges. During the trip, the boat swims under the impressive bridges of St. Petersburg in a fantastic illumination. During the navigation period you will be able to see drawbridges. In this case, deck of our boat would be the best viewpoint.

Throughout the boat trip you will be amazed not only by the impressive beauty of the bridges, which illuminated silhouettes will emerge in the night sky, but also the amazing panoramic views of the city, gradually fading with its stone embankments, magnificent ensembles of squares and parks. The lull of Neva waves will bring in even more charm and romance to the night views of St. Petersburg historical center.

Night St. Petersburg in all its glory

St. Petersburg is beautiful at night. You can truly feel its spirit only when the bridges are raised, when the daily bustle is hidden in night and the real essence of the magnificent city reveals. During a boat trip in the starry radiance or twilight of the white nights you will see the main highlights of St. Petersburg such as the Hermitage, Marble Palace, Bronze Horseman, St. Isaac's and Smolny Cathedrals, Summer Garden, Cruiser Aurora, Peter and Paul Fortress, Spit of Vasilyevsky Island and Kunstkamera.

Impressive bridges

It is impossible to find the similar variety of exquisite architectural sights in any city in the world. However, the main event of the night is definitely the raising of the bridges. While in St. Petersburg, you should not spend a night sleeping as there is an amazing action that you can watch from the deck of the boat.

During a night trip along the Neva River you will pass under the largest bridges of the Northern capital: the Palace, Trinity, Liteiny and Bolsheokhtinsky. You will see one of the most outlandish bridges of the city, which is the Bridge of Peter the Great with a raising central span and towers organized as lighthouses. This boat trip will take you to the bridge of Alexander Nevsky, where the trip will go in the opposite direction to the place of departure.

Tour details

  • common route runs along the Neva River up to the Alexander Nevsky Bridge
  • tour duration is 1.5 hours
  • departure is at 01:00 am from the Senate Pier (2 Angliyskaya Embankment)
  • discounts are provided for schoolchildren, students, disabled people and pensioners upon presentation of the document certifying your right to benefit