The Brugge is a restaurant-pub offering a fully-fledged kitchen, extraordinary selection of and truly welcoming atmosphere.

Classical Belgian pub

This restaurant is located in the picturesque corner of the historic center of St. Petersburg - on the Vasilyevsky Island not far away from the Tuchkov Bridge. Once here, you will immediately feel the atmosphere of the real Belgian pub: comfortable leather sofas and chairs, massive wooden tables and bar counters in every hall. This is an ideal place for sports fans, because, due to the technical equipment of the pub, it is possible to enjoy watching matches.

Impressive selection of beer

As for the irreplaceable companion of suchlike events - beer - you will be truly impressed by the selection of beer here. Even the most demanding connoisseurs of this alcoholic drink enjoy visiting The Brugge - and it is no wonder. Just imagine: 26 sorts of tap keg beer and more than hundred sorts of bottled beer. If desired, you can order a beer-tasting carousel, which offers several sorts of beer. Moreover, the bar list also contains stronger drinks - for example, a perfect selection of whiskey.

Peculiarities of the gastronomic pub

The local menu also amuses with its diversity. Apart from dishes that are traditional for pubs - steaks, sausages, chicken wings - you will be treated to the tasty Flemish delicacies, which are not limited to the famous Belgian waffles.

The final but by no means least important specialty is mussels, which are delivered from Belgium by plane every week. You will enjoy not only the taste of delicacies of The Brugge, but also the service. However, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Brugge Restaurant is always happy to welcome guests and opens its doors for fans of good food, excellent beer and pleasant pastime in a good company.

Working hours: 12 pm - 12 am

Address: The Makarova Embankment, 22

Subway station: Sportivnaya, Vasileostrovskaya