Located in a historic building on the corner of Kovensky Lane and Vosstaniya Street, The Bruxelles Restaurant traditionally brings together Belgian beer lovers.

Pub in the best Belgian traditions

The Bruxelles Restaurant-Pub is the true corner of Belgium. In the classic pub atmosphere with leather sofas of a dark cherry color, the long bar counter accompanied by the high chairs, tables made of solid wood, you will be offered an impressive selection of the heady drink. No wonder, because it is Belgium that is ranked first in the number of produced sorts of beer per capita.

Extensive bar list

The Bruxelles Restaurant-Pub is the only place to get an idea of the Belgian brewing traditions and get acquainted with plenty of Belgian beer brands. The restaurant's bar list has 28 sorts of beer on tap and over 100 sorts of bottled beer. The experienced bartenders will not let you get lost in this diversity and offer you the opportunity to enjoy tasting sets.

Spirits and other strong drinks connoisseurs will also find an interesting offer. For example, there are more than 20 titles of only cocktails in The Bruxelles Restaurant-Pub. It is also famous for its good selection of whiskey.

Authentic menu and European hints

The restaurant's menu is rich in traditional Belgian dishes interpreted in accordance with the gastronomic preferences of the citizens of St. Petersburg. Here you can treat yourself to the popular European cuisine dishes in the signature interpretation accompanied with an unusual service. And, of course, a true Belgian place cannot make it without mussels.

They are delivered to the restaurant every week by plane for guests of The Bruxelles to enjoy the amazing dishes with mussels accompanied with special sauces. Here you will also have a chance to learn about truly authentic Belgian food: waterzooi with seafood, famous bruggers and flan made of Belgian chocolate.

The final but by no means least interesting advantage of The Bruxelles is its beneficial location in the center of the city bar crawling routes, where you can forget about drawbridges.

Working hours: 12 pm - 2 am

Address: Vosstaniya Street, 20

Subway station: Ploschad’ Vosstaniya, Mayakovskaya