Moscow-57 is a comfortable double-decked motor ship of the VIP class. It is often rented for celebrating corporate parties, weddings and celebrating many other happy events which envisage not too many guests. This vessel is also ideal for boat trips and excursions through the Neva river and the water area of the Gulf of Finland.

Exquisite interior

A solemn appearance and a certain loftiness of the motor ship are reflected in the elegant interior decoration of the cabins.

An average visitor, who has come here for the first time, will be amused by the luxurious decoration in the Oriental style: the crimson carpets with a typical ornament, the sofas’ upholstery in contrasting stripes, the columns, the carved staircase, the stained glass ceilings decorated in the national style and even the small fountain.

Such an atmosphere will surely allow you to relax and enjoy a pleasant pastime.

Beauty and quality

The unparalleled elegant design of Moscow-57 motor ship successfully coexists with its functional practicality. This ensures the highest level of comfort and a lot of positive emotions for all guests.

  • Capacity: banquet - up to 50 persons, cocktail reception - up to 60 persons, boat trip - up to 100 persons
  • Both decks have comfortable tables and chairs, in the covered part of the upper deck there are comfortable sofas with soft cushions-bolsters
  • A large outdoor area on the second deck, if necessary, can be transformed into a dance floor or a place for all kinds of entertainment
  • Technical equipment: a modern sound system, CD MP3 audio system, USB connector, microphone, radio, 220V, LCD TVs
  • Facilities: 2 bathrooms
  • The cook-house has a stove, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a microwave, a sink for dishes, which makes the cooking for the party easy

Impressive voyage

After just one trip, you will definitely wish to re-experience this wonderful boat trip through the Neva. The parties on board the Moscow-57 motor ship are truly an unforgettable experience.

For celebrations including fireworks, the cost of renting the motor ship is negotiated separately. It is prohibited to bring alcoholic beverages and food which are not approved by the Contractor on board.

The time required for the preparation of the motor ship (design, tables serving, unloading) is paid in full. If you want to get on board before the approved time or to get off later, please kindly note this and we will make a recalculation.

Garbage collection services after a voyage on the double-deck motor ship, including wet cleaning after the voyage, cost 5000 rub.

Basic piers: the pier "Sportivnaya-2" (Makarova Embankment, 20), the pier "Winter canal" (Palace Embankment, 32). The cost of embarkation (disembarkation) from other piers is 3000 rubles minimum (each approach). The time of the freight is calculated from the time of departure of the vessel from the basic pier (the time needed to run the motor ship from piers which are not basic is paid in full).