The Roschinka motor ship is a comfortable single-deck motor ship designed at the Russian shipyards as a vessel for organizing of boat trips and sightseeing tours on small rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. This motor ship is also often rented for parties with a small number of guests.

Advanced vessel

In 2010, the Roschinka single-deck motor ship underwent significant changes: complete re-equipment into a passenger ship, major repair works and renovation of the cabin. Today, visitors can take advantage of these qualitative changes of the Roschinka and spend time on board in comfort. The spacious and bright cabin, designed in a modern style in sandy and brown shades, welcomes the passengers of the vessel.

The advantages of renting The Roschinka

The popularity of the comfortable single-deck motor ship Roschinka with citizens and guests of the Northern Capital is guaranteed by its excellent performance features:

  • Capacity: general - up to 60 persons, cocktail reception - up to 55 persons, banquet - up to 40 persons
  • The covered cabin has a glass roof and the large observation windows, which provide you with a great overview and allows to see the sights without going to the open area of the deck
  • You can go from the cabin to the open area in the stern
  • In the bow, the cabin is furnished with cozy sofas, the rest of the cabin is filled with tables and chairs. If necessary, you can take advantage of the banquet tables
  • There is a bathroom on board
  • The cabin has air conditioning, video- and audio equipment and 220V
  • The fireworks and BBQ cooking on board are prohibited.

All the abovementioned peculiarities of the Roschinka single-deck motor ship allow for organizing a variety of events of the highest possible level: weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, graduations and so on.

It is prohibited to bring alcoholic beverages and food which are not approved by the Contractor on board. The time required for the preparation of the motor ship (design, tables serving, unloading) is paid in full. If you want to get on board before the approved time or to get off later, please kindly note this and we will make a recalculation. Garbage collection services after a voyage on the double-deck motor ship, including wet cleaning after the voyage, cost 3000 rub.

Basic pier: the pier "Lomonosova bridge" (Fontanka Embankment, 64). The cost of the embarkation (disembarkation) from other piers is 1500 rubles minimum (each approach). The time of the freight is calculated from the time of departure of the vessel from the basic pier (the time needed to run the motor ship from piers which are not basic is paid in full).