The Kronverka single-deck motor ship is a small ship designed for exploring the city on the water through the small rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, as well as for celebrations with a small number of guests.

Carefully designed motor ship

The specificities of navigating on shallow rivers and narrow channels, which are abundant in the Northern Capital, were taken into account when designing this motor ship. As a result, the motor ship has small dimensions and a shallow draft. This allows the Kronverka to make its way to the riverbed of small rivers, tie literally to all piers and anchorages, and take on board quite a big group of tourists (up to 50 people).

The major emphasis

Among other advantages of the vessel, the main accent should be put on the panoramic windows of the cabin and transparent roof, which provide passengers with excellent visibility even from the cabin and the opportunity to see the sights at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions. The pleasant combination of beige and deep green colors used in the interior creates an atmosphere of comfort and guarantees a pleasant pastime.

The right choice

After having discovered the remaining operational features of The Kronverka single-deck motor ship and evaluating its parameters, you are very likely to choose this vessel for your event. And here is why:

  • Capacity: banquet - up to 40 persons, cocktail reception - up to 50 persons
  • There is a cabin and a terrace (on the aft) on board
  • The covered deck is furnished with tables and chairs, in the bow area there are comfortable sofas. You can reposition the furniture in any way depending on the format of your event
  • During sightseeing tours and boat trips, the lightweight furniture can be moved to the open deck. During the banquet, you can turn this part of the ship into a dance floor or stage
  • Technical equipment: radio system, it is possible to connect the microphone, 220V
  • The modernly equipped bathroom allows for long walks and gala events
  • Safety: all the necessary means of rescue, first aid kit, fire extinguisher system.

It is prohibited to bring alcoholic beverages and food which are not approved by the Contractor on board. The time required for the preparation of the motor ship (design, tables serving, unloading) is paid in full. If you want to get on board before the approved time or to get off later, please kindly note this and we will make a recalculation. Garbage collection services after a voyage on the double-deck motor ship, including wet cleaning after the voyage, cost 3000 rub.

Basic pier: the pier "Lomonosova bridge" (Fontanka Embankment, 64). The cost of embarkation (disembarkation) from other piers is 1500 rubles minimum (each approach). The time of the freight is calculated from the time of departure of the vessel from the basic pier (the time needed to run the motor ship from piers which are not basic is paid in full).