The Rusalochka is a small single-deck vessel. The passenger ship managed to catch the fancy of many citizens and guests of the city due to the combination of comfortable conditions and affordable rental cost. The welcoming Rusalochka motor ship invites everyone to take a fascinating tour of the waterways of St. Petersburg or to celebrate a significant event.

Great for boat trips and excursions

The compact limiting dimensions and the shallow draft allow the vessel to overcome difficult segments of waterways successfully: shallow waters, narrow canals. These design features provide the vessel with an opportunity to literally tie to any pier or layup, but this could be made only by prior arrangements. The high maneuverability allows not only to adjust routes of the trip, but also to develop an individual boat trip and excursion programmes.

The atmospheric pastime

The appearance of this single-deck motor ship is quite traditional. The standard color solution, namely the combination of white and blue, is hardly able to give the ship the status of a trendy one. However, once you step aboard Rusalochka, it loses all relevance because you will immediately feel this cozy and welcoming atmosphere on board. The abundance of light flowing through the large observation windows, the comfortable, unpretentious furnishing, the courteous and attentive personnel - everything here promises you a good time.

Convincing arguments

Here are some arguments in favor of renting Rusalochka single-deck vessel:

  • Capacity: general - up to 40 persons, banquet - up to 25 persons, cocktail reception - up to 35 persons
  • The deck of the motor ship has 2 functional zones: the cabin with the panoramic glassing and the open terrace in the stern
  • The cabin has simple and comfortable furniture (tables and chairs). The bow of the vessel has a wide comfortable sofa
  • The open area accommodates up to 20 persons. It has wooden benches for guests. They are relocated during the festive events, which allows a space for performances, dances and entertainment
  • The Rusalochka motor ship is equipped with a broadcasting system and the necessary audio equipment. The access to 220V is also foreseen.
  • There is a bathroom on board
  • The affordable rental cost

It is prohibited to bring alcoholic beverages and food, which are not approved by the Contractor, on board. The time required for the preparation of the motor ship (design, tables serving, unloading) is paid in full. If you want to get on board before the approved time or to get off later, please kindly note this and we will make a recalculation. Garbage collection services after a voyage on the double-deck motor ship, including wet cleaning after the voyage, cost 3000 rub.

Basic pier: the pier "Lomonosova bridge" (Fontanka Embankment, 64). The cost of the embarkation (disembarkation) from other piers is 1500 rubles minimum (each approach). The time of the freight is calculated from the time of departure of the vessel from the basic pier (the time, needed to run the motor ship piers which are not basic, is paid in full).