Once The Triumph motorboat was a functioning unit of the naval fleet of Russia. Today, every citizen or guest of the city can be taken on board this vessel and feel like a conqueror of waters.

Retro is always trendy

The admiral motorboat has preserved just a little from its naval past. And although The Triumph is just as important and sedate, as it once was on duty, it is at the same time very cosy and welcoming. The modern exterior of the motorboat is made in full accordance with its retro style.

The vintage accents here can be found literally everywhere: the deck with the wooden grain decoration, the large panoramic windows, the leather sofas in the passenger room and benches in the open area. A voyage on this unusual vessel will surely be full of the brightest impressions.

Comfort, thought out to the last detail

  • comfortable accommodation for up to 10 people. Benches on deck have 6 seats
  • bathroom on board
  • if necessary, access to the 220V is offered
  • the passenger room has comfortable sofas and a table
  • an audio system with microphone is foreseen
  • in cold and windy weather, you can use warm blankets. If you are freezing - welcome to the salon, it has a heater
  • glazing peculiarities: side windows - metal-plastic, roof windows - glass

Choose a route

The Triumph motorboat is designed for tranquil and long journeys. Having rented it, you will be able to get to the Gulf of Finland, enjoy the views of the historical parts of St. Petersburg, sail up the Neva river. On this motorboat, you can explore the small rivers and canals of the Northern Capital or conquer the water area of the gorgeous Neva river.

Any event held on board The Triumph motorboat becomes a special one - be it a birthday or a wedding, an anniversary or theme party. The celebration organized on the motorboat will become a bright and unforgettable event for all participants. A voyage on a vintage admiral motorboat will allow you to feel the soul of St. Petersburg, encounter the different milestones of its history and just have a good time.