The double-decked Senator motor ship is a luxurious motor ship converted to fully-fledged passenger vessel in 2000-2001. Having undergone a complete reconstruction of the mechanisms and interior design, the Senator motor ship has evolved from a common water-bus to an elegant vessel that is now used for banquets, as well as for organizing exclusive river cruises.

Comfort first and foremost

The double-decked Senator motor ship is comfortable and roomy - and this is why it has an impressive draft. This should be considered when renting a vessel, because it can only be tied to specially equipped piers. The sailing waters of the boat-restaurant is the Neva and Gulf of Finland.

The dazzling beauty of the interior

The interior of Senator is really luxurious: the designer renovation in a classic style. The emphasis is placed on the use of natural materials in the decoration and furnishing. There are wooden floors, wooden arched elements and a wooden ceiling. The furniture made of expensive types of wood is harmoniously blended into this atmosphere.

First-rate celebration

You can organize any celebration of the highest level on board the ship. It can be a wedding ceremony with a wedding banquet, anniversary and corporate party. Before you rent a vessel, check out its main advantages.

  • Capacity of the motor ship: boat trip - up to 60 persons, cocktail reception - up to 50 persons, banquet - up to 30 persons
  • The banquet cabin is divided into 2 zones of rest: the couch one and the food one. There is also a bar counter, where passengers can order any drinks offered in the extensive wine list
  • Above the aft, there is an open area furnished with wooden tables and chairs. In good weather you can organize a banquet or arrange a disco here
  • The technical equipment: audio- and video system, karaoke, LCD TV, 220V, air conditioning
  • Facilities: bathroom, hot and cold water
  • In the cook-cabin, you can use the microwave, the fridge, the sink for dishes and the cutting table

How to get a discount?

Want to get up to 30% discount on the rental of a motor ship? Just order a catering service! The terms of the lease in this case are determined individually - please contact our manager to get more information about a discount.

If you wish to organize catering by yourself, a service fee for providing glassware for alcoholic drinks of the customer will amount to 100 rub per person.

The basic pier is the central Lions at the Dvortsovaya pier near the Palace bridge (Admiralty Embankment, 2)