Palmira is literally a motor ship-cabriolet. This vessel can be categorized into the new series of motor ships which combine comfort and functionality. Palmira is just perfect for taking excursions and short trips through the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, in the waters of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland.

The safety of passengers is a top priority

This modern vessel has a unique construction that provides the guests of the motor ship with the maximum level of safety even when passing under the bridges with small spans, through the shallow rivers and narrow canals of St. Petersburg. The concept of this ship was taken from the Dutch shipbuilders.

The clever design of the vessel

Of course, the motor ship has all the necessary rescue and fire safety means, first aid kit and chrome handrails. The important design feature of the Palmira is the telescopic roof. It is made of a transparent material, which provides passengers with excellent visibility.

Stylish look and other peculiarities

The Palmira single-deck motor ship has a stylish design. The combination of red and grey shadows in the design of the motor ship looks very impressive. The exterior of this motor ship is absolutely inimitable. Many people say that Palmira is visually reminiscent of the predatory fish.

  • Total capacity - up to 100 persons
  • The telescopic panoramic roof: in good weather, it can be moved and it opens the passengers a full panoramic view
  • The spacious interior has modern ergonomic chairs. Kindly note that they are fixed to the ground and therefore alternative seating arrangements are not possible
  • The seats are located on two long catwalks, divided by the pass
  • The ship has the latest audio equipment, which allows you to listen to the tour individually (disposable headphones are provided) or to configure your communication with the guide
  • There is a bathroom on board
  • The Palmira is not intended for organizing banquets

How to get a discount?

Want to get up to 30% discount on the rental of a motor ship? Just order a catering service! The terms of the lease in this case are determined individually - please contact our manager to get more information about a discount.

If you wish to organize catering by yourself, a service fee for providing glassware for alcoholic drinks of the customer will amount to 100 rub per person.

The basic pier is the central Lions at the Dvortsovaya pier near the Palace bridge (Admiralty Embankment, 2)