Balloon ceilings is the original decoration of the hall, which is perfect for any feast. Bright balloons with streaming ribbons will give the room elegant solemnity, cheer you up and create a festive atmosphere.

Why balloons?

Using of balloons allow quickly and evenly to fill a large space. In addition, the cost of decoration is very inexpensive. Efficiency, simplicity and speed of decoration, a great visual impact are the main reasons why balloons decoration becomes increasingly popular.

Decoration for any occasion

Almost any celebration today is not without balloons. A variety of colors, types and sizes of balloons will let to decorate the room according to your wishes. For corporate events we propose to not only choose the balloons in the primary colors of the company, but also to print their logo on.

Wedding decoration in a certain palette is a very popular today. Balloon ceilings, chosen in the same key, perfectly accentuate the style of celebration. Besides usual latex balloons, you can set your sights on the foil hearts and glowing balloons. This decoration will look beautiful and extremely romantic.

A nice addition

Ordering balloon ceilings it is important to bear in mind that they usually keep the shape 10-12 hours. If necessary, possible to increase their longevity. To do this, the inner surface of the balloon is processed with special spray (non-toxic and completely safe). For ribbons separate additional payment is not collected.

If the order amount more than 3000 rubles (about 150 units), it will be delivered free of charge withing the city. If you have made an order for a smaller amount, delivery within the Ring Road from 9-00 to 21-00 costs 350 rubles; from 21-00 to 9-00, a rush delivery and public holidays – 500 rubles. Within the Leningrad region cost of delivery begins at 600 rubles.