Balloon bouquet is a universal gift. With it, you can express your romantic feelings, friendship, to please a child and even colleagues.

Original gift

Nice to get such original surprise, regardless of age, occupation and solemn occasion. Be unpredictable and creative: choose different configurations, sizes, colors and types of balloons. Draw your attention to the foil and glowing balloons, as well as a proposal "ball in the ball".

Even unusual compositions can be created from absolutely usual latex balloons: assorted bouquets, bouquets of balloons, stars and hearts, huge flower-stands (180 cm), and much more. The main thing is the flight of fantasy and desire to surprise the future gift owner.

We will help you with the selection and preparation of the bouquet. Just imagine what vivid emotions women feel receiving inflatable armful of shaped roses or floating bouquet of hearts and stars. Babes incredibly rejoice if the holiday with flowers for them is accompanied by their favorite cartoon hero.

Safety flight

If you wish balloons make you happy more than 10-12 hours, you should report it to the order. Helium balloons will float within a few days after a special spray treatment of field inside. It includes no toxic substances, so it is safe for health and is used for the preparation of children's gifts.

Bouquet delivery

As an additional service we offer delivery within Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region. You can choose any location for the celebration and be sure that the balloons will be in the right place on time. The service is around the clock:

  • within the city: from 9-00 to 21-00 – 350 rubles, from 21-00 to 9-00, also public holidays and a one-day rush – 500 rubles.
  • regions – from 600 rubles.
  • order amount more than 3000 rubles– free of charge.