Balloon garlands and arches are an unusually spectacular decoration, which will become a bright accent to any holiday decor. With their help, you can make a scene, the main entrance, corridor and so on beautiful. A variety of ways makes it possible to implement any client's wishes.

Decorations choice

Several basic types of structures are at your disposal:

  • Helium balloon chain is the easiest and most inexpensive way to decorate the room for the celebration. The balloons are fastened equidistant to each other on a special scaffold secured to the floor. The result of this is a semi-circular composition of single balloons
  • Garland. Inflated helium balloons are woven in a braid and formed a three-dimensional structure. If you use balloons combined several colors, garland will be more beautiful and spectacular
  • Arch. Arch weaving is similar to the garland. The difference is in the method of installation and the structure fastening. Arch has a rigidity axle and 2 supports.

Some subtleties

It is important to consider some nuances choosing such decoration. For example, a garland should be placed in a straight line and avoid intricate lines. The arch looks most profitable in the composition of several pieces. Excellent scene decoration or the main element will be the original composition "Popstar", visually resembling fireworks.

The integrated approach

All these details we will discuss in the order, as well as offering a wide range of balloon colors, calculate the optimal length of the chains and garlands, the required number of balloons. If necessary, extend the balloons existence for a few days we propose special spray treatment of field inside.

You can take the order yourself or register a delivery:

  • withing the city from 9-00 to 21-00 – 350 rub., other time and public holidays – 500 rubles
  • outside the city (within the Leningrad region) – from 600 rub
  • Free delivery withing the city (to the Ring Road) if the order amount more than 3000 rubles.