Exploding Balloon is a great sphere with a lot of small balloons, tinsel, and candy inside. At the planned time it explodes and turns into a mini-fireworks display in honor of your celebration, showering astounded guests with colorful glitter, confetti and balloons.

Unleash your imagination

Exploding balloon will be a bright decoration for any holiday: birthday, wedding, graduation, children's party, a corporate event. The diameter of the balloon is 1 meter. On request, it is possible to put small gifts in and make an unusual compliment to the guests in such way.

Kids will be delighted if during a fun-filled holiday large multi-colored balloon will turn to rain of sweets and colored wrappers. Such firework can adorn newlyweds first dance, and make grand opening celebration.

At New Year party you can fill an exploding balloon with cheerful predictions for the coming year. Your guests will be happy to blow up the balloons and get to know the comic prophecies. We help to realize various ideas for filling the balloon-surprise.

How does it work?

Exploding balloon is hung often from the ceiling or fitted on the column woven from the balls. To achieve the effect of completely surprising balloon explosion is carried out remotely with a special electronic button. Balloon-surprises can shoot as one celebratory volley or separately - at your discretion.

Important details

The price of exploding balloon includes setting and brief orientation on balloon explosion at the right time. Balloon can be filled with rose petals as desired. In this case, the cost of surprise is slightly higher.

The address delivery service is a further current offer of our company. Order amount over 3,000 rubles guarantees free delivery within the Ring Road. Standard tariffication:

  • St.Petersburg – 350 rubles (from 9-00 to 21-00) and 500 rubles (from 21-00 to 9-00, public holidays, urgent)
  • Leningrad region – from 600 rubles.