Balloon launch and drop can enhance entertainment festive event and highlight its climax.

Unexpecdatly and original

Balloons are usually launched outdoors. It is more beautiful with more balloons. Moving away in the sky balloons can be a symbolic farewell to the school years, maiden name or the single life, can mark the beginning of a new period. This emotional and romantic moment your guests certainly will remember for a long time.

Such a show adorns and diversify any occasion: wedding, birthday, graduation, anniversary or corporate event. It is no less original, if in the midst of the celebration a lot of bright balloons will drop on the amazed audience. Guests hardly will able to restrain to have some fun and not throw them at each other.

Festive launch

Any number of balloons can be launched - from 100 to 10,000 pcs. Of course, the entertainment of this process depends on the number of balloons. Filled with helium balloons are placed in a specially designed fixed grid. At the right moment it opens and releases a cloud of balloons. Fun and bright emotions of your guests are guaranteed.