Colorful balloons always lighten the mood and make a holiday especially joyful and carefree. It’s pleasure to get such a surprise. Even better to put a special gift and pack it’s all in a big wonderful box with magnificent bow –the hero of the occasion will be delighted!

Such a lovely, creative and inexpensive congratulation will be perfect in any occasion: birthday, 8th of March, St. Valentine's Day, various anniversaries and memorials.

For preparation of the Pandora Box we use IKEA boxes of 80х50х60 cm in size. No boxes from last year's moving! Multi-colored balloons with helium (quantity, form and color at your choice), nice wrapping paper, tape and a big bow – the surprise has to be like that.

The main gift is placed at the bottom of the box. Joyful and little surprised hero of the occasion will find it after the avalanche of the balloons flying up from the box. You choose a gift and buy it yourself.  Pandora Box is delivered to the specified address in assembled form or packed on the spot.