The LarisuIvannuHochu is a daring (in a good meaning of the word) restaurant from the famous Ginza Project holding.

Lights, camera, action!

The witty and somewhat ironic name of the restaurant immediately conjurs images from the famous Soviet Mimino film. Once you are here, you become a character of the beloved film. At the entrance to the restaurant you are welcomed by the flight attendants, the waiters are wearing caps typical of the 1980s, on the floor you can see the hopscotch drawn by naughty children, and the telephone booths are standing in the toilets, where in the phone handset you can here: «Allo! Larisu Ivannu hochu!» («Hello, I want Larisa Ivanovna, please!»).

Incredible interior

The first impression of levity and eccentricity of the interior gives way to a genuine interest for details and a unique combination of various elements of the interior and decor as a whole. Here, park benches and soft couches, light bulbs garlands and vintage chandeliers, cozy tents and eye-catching armchairs coexist harmonically - all these under a blue ceiling-sky dotted with stars. If you wish to relax in an intimate atmosphere, you will be offered a VIP room.

Fun is fun, but it’s time for lunch

Surprisingly, there is not even a trace of irony and naughtiness in the menu. Given that the gastronomic offer is rich in the European and the Russian cuisine dishes, the emphasis is still put on the Oriental culinary traditions. Here you can have a taste of the homemade Georgian dishes: khinkali, lobio, dolma, pkhali, chakhokhbili and many other meals.

Fans of Uzbek cuisine will surely appreciate the local lamb pilaf, kovurma pilaf and lagman. Connoisseurs will definitely not miss the opportunity to taste the local Dagestan dumplings, chudu pie and kveli with tomatoes.

Drinks and desserts

Those who have a sweet tooth will get lost in a variety of sweet treats: from classical homemade sour cream cake and jams to traditional Oriental sweets. The bar menu is also diverse. Apart from the famous Georgian and Crimean wines you will be offered to enjoy the classical French and Italian drinks and wines originating from Portugal, Israel and Lebanon. In addition, the extensive cocktail tea and hookah menu are also at your disposal.

You will surely remember your visit to The LarisuIvannuHochu Restaurant.

Working hours: 12 pm - 1 am

Address: Nauki Prospect, 14 building 1A

Subway station: Akademicheskaya