The Tribuna Restaurant is a place with a panoramic view on the Nova Arena Stadium and Murinsky Park, good food and relaxed atmosphere.

Dreams come true

The Tribuna is a unique place for St. Petersburg, because it is the only restaurant located just on the stadium or, to be more precise, under its spotlights. It embodies everything which football fans dream of. Sitting comfortably on the terrace of the restaurant, you will be able to watch the match and enjoy the gastronomic offer provided by the local cooks.

Revolutionary format

It is nice to visit The Tribuna with friends on any day, regardless of whether your favorite team is playing at the Nova Arena Stadium or not. The large plasma screens allow you to observe the major events of different sports, and the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant together with the abundance of table games create a great environment for get-togethers with friends. The eclectic interior full of unusual accents and details destroys the embedded stereotypes about how should a place of such a format look like.

Extensive culinary palette

You will also be pleased with the local menu. Instead of the traditional and usually quite limited menu of sports bars, here you can enjoy a variety of international cuisine dishes: Italian pasta, the WOK menu, sushi and a wide choice of dishes of European and Russian origin. For the youngest fans, The Tribuna has a special culinary offer as well as a games room. Without any doubt, this place is worth a family visit.

The Tribuna Restaurant invites all fans and lovers of the atmospheric pastime to support their favorite teams and get acquainted with the local culinary delights.

Working hours: 12 pm - 11.30 pm

Address: Severny Prospect, 63A

Subway station: Akademicheskaya (1295 m), Grazhdanskiy Prospekt