The Food Park Restaurant is an absolutely unique project of the famous restaurant holding Ginza Project. This place, located on the last floor of the Velikan Park Mall, impresses its guests with an extraordinary interior decoration, the beauty of the view, and the delicious international cuisine.

Different images of one painting

The Food Park Restaurant is very spacious: a large hall and 5 terraces, one of which is covered. The designers have carefully divided such a spacy area, which guarantees the stylistically diverse interior full of different details. Here, a green zone with a real fence and lamps shaped in the form of bicycle wheels harmonically coexist with the corner of romantic Provence, the cozy and homely flower-strewn terraces, and the food truck offering the delights of Mexican cuisine.

Many areas are equipped with the open kitchens for guests to be able to observe how the diverse delicacies are born in real time. And one of the terraces boasts a real ice-cream food truck. The themed items of The Food Park Restaurant would be enough for a number of restaurants, but here they coexist amicably with one another and guarantee unforgettable emotions to the guests.

International menu

The local menu is truly cosmopolitan, offering dishes from the different culinary traditions. Here you can enjoy homemade dumplings, vegetables and shrimps cooked on the grill, the Japanese sushi, the Mexican quesadillas, the Italian pastas and many other dishes that represent the gastronomic traditions of the different countries. The confectionery has also decided to keep up with the main menu, so it offers lovers plenty of sweet desserts.

Rest for the soul

After having a meal, you can entertain yourself by contemplating the beautiful views of the Alexander Park and the Petrogradskaya Side, looking through a telescope or indulging in childhood memories, going on the swings and launching paper planes.

Working hours: 12 pm - 1 am

Address: Alexandrovsky Park, 4/3

Subway station: Gor’kovskaya, Sportivnaya